Supply Chain Network Design

We help you to design your supply chain network: which plant should produce what? which DC should it ship to? Where should you locate your DC? Which DC should support which stores?

Optimized Solution

We normally see 5-10% cost savings after you optimize your supply chain

AI For Demand Planning

We use industrial leading AI & Machine Learning Algorithms to help you forecast your demand timely and accurately

Dynamically Re-Optimize Your Supply Chain for Maximum Cost Savings

When we detect demand changes or pricing cost changes or shipping cost changes, we can help you dynamically re-optimize your supply chain to make sure you're always capturing all possible savings

Intuitive Web Based Workflow

We guide you through everything that you needed to optimize your supply chain

Flexibility of Excel Importing & Exporting

We support excel import and export to make both scenario creation and result interpreting easy

Visualize Your Supply Chain Cost

Our advanced data visualization capabilities give you a clear picture of where your supply chain cost goes and how you can reduce it

Looking Beyond Just Cost Saving? We Support Your Supply Chain Objectives

Besides helping you save cost, we can also help you to optimize to be faster or greener or all of above

Flexible Constraints That Fits Your Business Needs

We supports various constraint type whether it's capacity, market share, lead time, carbon footprint, pre-defined lanes and many more.

Customized Support & Scenario Template Built For You

We know your supply chain is unique, that's why we're ready to build very customized template and specialized support to fit your needs